Awesome English Grammar Video Game

Perhaps my school is different from yours, but the students whom I teach are generally reluctant to learn and eager to play video games. Clearly some compromise must be made to address this situation… and here it is. Finally, your students can learn parts of speech and sentence structure while playing a fun and exciting video games. Students will have so much fun jumping around, learning cool tricks, and playing as a ninja, that they won’t even realize how much they are learning, in a Karate Kid, sort of way.

If you and your students have access to laptops or PCs, give your class some time on this game and you’ll be shocked at how interested they will become with learning these concepts.  The next time that you lecture about sentence structure or parts of speech, students will see immediate value in the information that you are providing them.  You’ll find this an excellent compliment to your instruction.

Unfortunately, it’s not currently adapted for mobile play, but if you’ve got a keyboard in front of your right now, check it out: Super Grammar Nina | Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure Review Game.


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