Class Websites

For years the gulf of technical know-how was much too wide for most teachers to cross. So students waited quietly, remaining unconnected while only the most technologically proficient educators were able to develop websites for use in the classroom. Those educators did great things with their sites: they posted homework assignments, notified parents and caretakers of due dates and events, and provided resources to absent students almost magically through the power of the world wide web. As the years rolled on, web design only increased in complexity. Along came JavaScript, Flash, CSS, AJAX, new iterations of HTML; how could teachers utilize this power?

Unfortunately, with piles of papers to grade, professional development to wither through, and a drive to improve lessons and instruction, most teachers don’t have the time to wrangle with these programming languages and standards, and so the gulf widened between the empowered and the disenfranchised. But to the delight of all, that time of darkness has passed in one fell swoop. Yes, the means of production have fallen into the hands of the proletariat, and now teachers all over the world have high-functioning class websites. “How?” you may ask, “How did they learn all of those complicated programming languages to create classroom websites that are powerful and easy to use?” They didn’t; Homewo did. Now you can create a website with all of these powerful features:

  • Post homework assignments online
  • Post assignments by date
  • Post assignments with one-click
  • Automatically email parents and subscribers each time an assignment is posted
  • Use a custom domain name
  • Change the appearance of your site with a few clicks

Plus, you can have one of these sites for free.  How’s that for an advancement in technology?  Click here to learn more about making a classroom website.


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